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Metal Bonded Diamond Tooling

As one of very few specialist UK manufacturers, we stock all manner of products with rougher or finer finish.

Abrasives Development

Tools mean nothing without the stones. We design & develop a variety of abrasives to give you the perfect cutting edge, based on over 25 years of experience in metallurgy.

Superb Service & Support

Our business is about so much more than metal. We provide the best possible service & support, often delivering within two weeks.

Diamond tooling products, & much, much more…

PDP is the UK’s leading manufacturer of metal bonded diamond tooling products, stocking many lines from handlapse, dressing tools and countersinks through to core drills, grinding wheels and hones.

We’ve been a UK manufacturer in Doncaster since 1980, specialising in the diamond tooling business for the past few decades.

We hold a high level of stock on a diverse range of products.

Many of our solutions are bespoke attachments designed and built in-house.

We also offer technical assistance to ensure you get precisely what you need.


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