Solutions For Common Honing Problems (With Conventional Abrasives)
Courtesy of Goodson Tools & Supplies

PROBLEM: Hone is not cutting
If stones are loading, you need to apply more honing oil or lubricant to properly flush stones. Filtered oil or lubricant is preferred.

Make sure that your guide blocks are not too tight. Honing stonesshould contact the cylinder first. You should put the hone in thecylinder and then expand. The guide blocks should have about .010″ to.030″ clearance.

Try narrowing your stones, this will put more pressure on the abrasive.Use an old file or dressing stone to narrow the face of the hone stone. Along the entire length of the stone, take approximately 1/3 off the leading edge. This produces more effective pressure on the stonewithout changing the pressure setting of the hone.

PROBLEM: Hone is chattering
To eliminate chatter, try varying the stroke rate as you hone. Try some of the tips listed for “hone is not cutting” as these will also help overcome chatter.

PROBLEM: Stones and guides are wearing unevenly
This is most commonly the result of light honing pressure. To remedythis problem, increase pressure and vary stroke rate momentarily.

PROBLEM: Taper in cylinders with limited access
Taper will develop while honing a cylinder that doesn’t permit equal overstroking at both ends. There is a tendency for the hone to dwell atthe open end of the cylinder and remove too much material. Dwelling atthe web end is not a solution because it removes too much material fromthe center and causes a barrel-shaped cylinder. Goodson offers special honing stones that prevent taper in these cylinders. They have shorter stones that exert more pressure at the bottom and are specially designed for use in short or blind holes.

PROBLEM: Bore distortion
Use torque plates when honing lightweight blocks. When the torque plate is bolted to the block, it will simulate the distortion caused by the cylinder head bolts. The end result will be rounder bores in the assembled engine with minimal distortion and blowby.