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Common Honing Problems

Solutions For Common Honing Problems (With Conventional Abrasives)
Courtesy of Goodson Tools & Supplies

PROBLEM: Hone is not cutting
If stones are loading, you need to apply more honing oil or lubricant to properly flush stones. Filtered oil or lubricant is preferred.

Make sure that your guide blocks are not too tight. Honing stonesshould contact the cylinder first. You […]

Metal Bonded Hones, Diamond & CBN

Metal Bonded Hones CBN & Diamond Can be produced rectangular, square ends, radius ends slotted with cutouts and with angles.
We have over 60 different metal bonds, and are happy to guide the choice of hones to solve your problem.

D181-B181 – Rough Honing
D76-B76 – Medium Honing
D30-B30 – Finishing

We produce honing stones of many grades from 60/80 […]


Diamond & CBN Hones

Abrasive types are usually defined by grit size, bond structure and bespoke treatment. A huge range of stone sizes are available, and it is worth noting that stone size alone does not necessarily indicate the quality of a finished product.

A coarser product may provide a better cutting performance at the outset, but […]


Metal Bond

Resin Bond

Used for deburring and edging by hand on glass, ceramics, marble, carbide metal and plastics.

Core Drills

Above, left: Habit with dressing stick

Above, right: Habit with straight stick

Slitting Discs

For Cutting

Silicon Carbide
Abrasive Blocks
Refactory Blocks

Range of Sizes:
25mm Diameter to 175mm Diameter
Diamond Layer Depth 5mm to 10mm
Wheel Thickness 1mm to 3mm

All sizes inclusive, all wheels bored to customer specifications.

Diamond Countersinks

Countersinks :- Standard Inverted & truncated

Combined to suit drill size

Countersink Range 12mm to 80mm Dia

Which can be fitted to straight, habit & Belgium Shanks.

Internal Grinding Wheels

Range 5mm to 25m diameter. All made to customer requirements

Used for various applications including internal grinding, carbide, ceramic & glass.

Resin Hones

Resin Hones can be produced with a mixture of resin, aluminium oxide, copper & silicon carbide powders. Used for honing with less pressure required.

Size range up to 114mm in length, 50mm width, 12mm layer depth produced to customer specification and bond type.

Abrasive type – Diamond or CBN.

Special Tools

 All made to customer requirements. Used for various applications including glass, ceramic, concrete, carbide and marble.